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2005-01-21 23:15:06 (UTC)

november 26 2004

hey yay today i went shopping at like 5 in th emorning
always fun lol yepp and well i had fun so much awh i love
my cousins lol and yesterday... thanksgiving lol was fun
over their house lol omg i drove for the first time lol it
wasnt far but my mom wasnt there lol and well it was my sis
nd my cuz nd i drove my car (they both have permits not
licenses) then well actually i attempted to drive my other
cousins car lol its a stick wow lol i stalled it nd pressed
way to hard nd freeked out so yeah i think im sticking to
an automatic ne ways my sis nd my cuz nopw are so afriad
that they are gunna get in trouble lol so they freeked out
and im like w.e im not telling ne one lol nd idk then my
sis who is 14 (older then me) was too scared to try driving
nd when i did she freeked nd was like omg im telling on you
nd shyt im like wtf bitch nd well she dont know that i
drove our car! hehe im so evil omg it was fun nd i also
turned reallllyy good ok well everyone is on a walk with my
family yeah walking toby our dog lol nd omg today we went
to petland and we looked at yorkies to by lol hehe yay nd
we found a little girl she is 1900 witch isnt too bad but
we are going to wait till she goes down in price and then
buy her and after a while we will mate her with our yorkie
and we will sell the puppies weel my sister in mimai wants
a yorkie omg this little girl is only getting 4 lbs well
toby is 6 nd he is full grown lol yeah i cant wait because
we will get her for christmas i hope! my mom found out
thrugh my sisters friends who is friends with my moms
attorney, that "she is getting a butt-load of money" lol i
dont know what that schould mean because he is a
millionaire and well what is a butt-load to him?? lol and
dawns well old friend is getting a little something for
refering my mother to him so yes i think it is all working
out for the better for my mom and i think she will be
happier then ever! awh i cant wait for my mom to get better
ya kno... ppl say "omg my mom would never sue ne one"
or "sueing doesnt make u better, what good is money if u
have no life ne more" and you kno what the answer is... my
mother needs surgery no matter what you think surgery will
give her, her life back that she hasnt had for 2 years now,
so you know what.. we are gonna have a happy life from now
on lol yay ok another thing is.. a cop came to my shcool a
while ago.. and told us to search and see of sexual
offenders and preditors in your area nd i didnt think
anything of it at the time but...i saw one guys picture and
freeked .. he scared the living shyt out of me and today we
were driving and one car wouldnt stop i mean it did but omg
it barely missed us so i looked my jaw dropped and i
started shaking everyone was like ok and then he got behind
us i was like omg mom dont go home and w/e we did cuz he
turned... i swore to them that that was the guy... and that
i would never forget that face, when we got home we
searched on the same site and found out that, that guy that
was behind us, that turned off of that st. lived on that
steet and i was right and it was the sexual offender of w/e
his charges were... Qualifying Offense(s):
Lewd,Lascivious Child U/16 (Principal In Attempt)
i highly recomend that you take up this
type in your zip code and county atleast and you can find
out who is a sexual offender/preditor... this may take you
by surprise but it can save many lives and put those sick
minded people back where they belong! i think you schould
at least cheeck it out.. i mean this scares me because...
this guy was the only one guys picture that scared me and
what do you know... it was him that i saw and isnt that
scarry he lifes accross the street! im so scared! omg well
hey i have to go im tired and yay i have a new keyboard lol
my sister bought it for us because our k key wasnt working
and we coulnt type yay ok well im leaving! bye,
hope to write soon,

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