2005-01-21 23:14:39 (UTC)

november 23 2004

yeah.. ddnt go to school today cuz i didnt thin i had to
lol wlel i did but i didnt wanna cuz well it was a 1/2 day
ne ways lol so i just said fuc* it nd didnt yeah nd i can
do that cuz im damn cool like that!! yeah well id i told
chrssy that i lied aj last nite nd now she wants to tripple
date with her nd someone katrina nd someone nd me nd aj lol
yeah well idk if i wanna do that or if he does cuz well idk
lol thats inda werid lol im tired nd i wanna go to sleep
even tho i sleept all day lol m not even typing lol well i
am but im watching pimp my ride lol not watching the screen
ne ways lol yeahhh im sosooooooooo happy thansgiving is
comming up soo soon like 2 days!! omg lol yay cuz i always
go over my cusins house nd we always spend the nite nd get
up at like 5 nd go to all those stores nd wait in line lol
even tho sum ppl like freeing sleep in a tent there lol oh
well yeah so i cant wait its always fun ah i dunt no what
im gunna wear yeah lol oh well omg i get to see my cusin
lol she is 5 months pregent niow awwwghghh lol yay i cant
wait to see her she uis so awsome lol i love my moms side
of the family lol my aunt has freing 7 girls lol thats so
awsome lol ok... now im debating on brining patrick to the
carnival this yr lol cuz i dotn want him to meet aj lol nd
d he dont no them nd i dunt kno if i want him too nd if mae
out with hm lol what will aj thn... i dont lie him?? cuz i
realllllllyyy do lol nd what will patric think if i dotn
nvte him lol nd then make out wth aj? that i dotn like him
lol ahh id what to do ... what to do im not sureee hellp
ahh lol oh well lifes a beach lol heheh ok i really am
tired nd only 2 DAYS TILL THANKSGIVING! omg i get to be
will all the am that s so fad lol haha omg did i just say
fad lol never again yeahh ive been wondering if ne one ever
reads these but me ohh yeahh! MY BRO JUST REMINDED ME THAT
miss her wayyyy to much lol yay also i have a pcture of
patric ekk not the best lol ohh well he sayys he thinks he
is hotter then in that pic but ok lol w/e yayyyyy lol im so
happy with my self lately my moms bday is on monday
*november 29* lol hehe nd my cuz is on that day nd then my
other cuzus is on the *28* lol hehe awh she says she will
cry b/c shes never been kissed lol awhh thats so sad.. not
like she is ugly lol she looks like mary-kate nd ashley
well one of them lol hehe yeah nd idk shes so much prittyer
then me ne ways yeah i love my family right now lol omg
forgot lol yeah my mom me teacher nd the principal all had
a lil tal lol haha awh my mom screammeedd lol hehe cuz that
stupid pic of me nd then someone dd sumthing to it or w/e
nd then i got threatoned nd then this ids all lke yeah i
gotta gun nd then hes like yeah i have a gun to another id
(his friend) and then said ill shooot you so now my moms
all freeed out yeah well this is the same id that threatond
me lol he has attempted suiside 7 tmes cuts him self nd
what ever he can to hurt himself lol ohh well i hate him he
just doesnt kno lol yepp im so tired yeahhhhh lol i think
this is the longest freeking entry ive every typed lol
yeahhh bye!
hope to write soon,