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2005-01-21 23:13:56 (UTC)

october 19 (update) 2004

welp u no the drill... i have somethng to say yeah well
actually not ab that but about the love of my life... aj.
we held hands whitch excited me lol dont now why but yeah
lol nd i didnt say he just grabbed it so yeah lol. m
fooling everyone, saying i got implants cuz thats what
everyone thinks ne ways lol and they r like omg are they
hard as a roc ne im like eww lol sicko nd who yeahhh
ajjjjj!!!! i love him nd he knows nd he has been sitting by
me all the tme n back of me and lie stuff and yeah then we
swtched places lol nd i was in bac nd he was n front lol nd
he eppt puttng his head on my des leaning bac words lol and
i couldnt do my work at all lol ohh well it was fun and
then today uc brandace was back and he sat where he was
sapposed to (no fun) oh well and i just stood next to their
desks lol and we were just playng around lol omg nd then at
school nick was kinda walng with us lol nd it was soooooo
funny i was sayng how the coaches door was open and how the
teacher that got fired lol was probley in there with her
lol ewww nd then some one was like pass the d**** omgggg
lol nd he was laughing lol hes sooo sexxy i need to snap a
pcture of him and need to admire it ne ways after school
umm went to the neghbors house nd played round a lil inda
boring lol yepp we watched the elf and i taught her how to
use three way nd then she used it and went home nd she
called here nd i listened to her friend lol oh well that
was fun nd then i hung up and had dinner got a bath and wow
im here! i feel sooo bad ab the whole alex thing but he s
bad and threatend me and i ddnt now what to do and now he
went to jail! ah im a horible person lol g2g
hope to write soon,

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