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2005-01-21 23:08:31 (UTC)

november 6 2004

today, is my cousins birthday, yay HAPPY B-DAY CORY! ok so
we went to watch him play in the band. and well today was
largo's 100 yrs lol so there was parades and everything...
ok lets get back to where i was lol... ok it was the little
park next to centeral park... there was little businesses
and crafts all over then there was like massage theroipists
lol yeah i didnt get a back rub but my aunt did nd alota
other ppl did lol they also cheecked ur blood pressure. lol
yeah how cool lol not really but idk there was rock
climbing and the works lol yepp lol soooooo how fun... i
gotta go...
hope to write soon,