2005-01-21 22:38:07 (UTC)


Last Sunday, Benjamin, who has just turned 8, was the
liturgist. Part of what the liturgist does is offer a
prayer at the end of the service. Benjamin began "God, help
us...." and then he faltered and stopped and looked at
Pastor Ruth, because he'd forgotten the rest of the prayer
he'd intended to say. But Pastor Ruth didn't add to it.
She said " 'God, help us' is a good prayer." And it is.
Sometimes that's all we need to remember to say.

Prayer is an important and integral part of my life. Some
prayers I say are formal and said at specific times of the
day. When I wake up I thank God for the new day and ask for
His help and protection for myself and those I love. I pray
before and after I eat, thanking God for providing
nourishment for my body as well as my spirit. And before I
go to sleep I say a rosary and thank God for the day I had
and ask His angels to guard us as we sleep.

But most of my prayers are small and short, scattered like
little pearls here and there throughout the day. Some are of
thanks, others are to ask for help. I pray for peace both
for myself and for the world. I pray for wisdom, for
patience,for courage, for grace.

I think sometimes of

Mark 4:35-41. [The disciples] woke him and said to him,
"Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?"

when I start to worry about things in my life. All I have
to do is wake up Jesus and remember that he'll care for me.