Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-01-21 20:15:36 (UTC)


I have been down all day. It's nothing emotional. I
figured out that I was sleepy and had a headache, so I
payed attention to my body for once and took at nap. YAY
for naps. YAY for Julie London. She soothed me today.
Can't beat jazz. Man, someday, I wanna be the sexy chick
laying on the piano in a sleek red or black dress crooning
to an audience of admirers who can't get enough. Hahaha.
That's one dream I probably will not pursue cause its so
out of place. what shall I do this weekend? I don't
know. I might scope out this little country music show
I've heard tale about or I might go to the game, or I might
do massive amounts of homework. I don't know yet. This
weekend is an unopened envelope. After my nap I'm much
more cheerful. This is going to be a great day. I'm
determined. There's a great Martha Washington quote I wish
I could remember word for word to include here. It's on
the wall outside my room. Its really odd that I feel this
way because when I woke up "Round Midnight" was playing and
I felt compelled to wear black and was in a very in your
face kind of mood... I don't know what to call it. Oh well
I'm glad it passed. Well, whatever it says, it applies.
Ilike the sun. Especially when its cold. Anyway. Until

Final thought: If you see my reflection in the snow
covered hills the landslide'll bring you down.

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