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2005-01-21 18:31:48 (UTC)

The Truth In The Life We Live

I belive that ALL the secrets of life are contained in
books and prayer and tough luck. i am irish so i don't
have tough luck ok? but here is the poem

Thats Life

Whats Life about?
rumming Earins for god? doing as The buta says? ( well
that was hard for me cause i am catholic) Going to the
temple For Worship? i think god gave us free rain over our
feeling and motions and life but in this life he gave us
we are here to do his will we get frusterated with god
sometimes it's not a sin when you are trying to hold back
from calling him names is a sin. as the 5th commandment
states Do Not Use Gods Name In Vain. i as a catholic
belive this i live it i am SO frusterated with god right
now i could scream but i am not will not should not and
couldn't i am lucky to be in such a good place haveing 6
kids in the house and homeschooling may not sound good to
you but to me i am in the best place in the world if i was
an only child i would be spoiled and...( sorry about this
only children).... well a spoiled brat of course not every
only child turns out like that but 69% do so i am very
very lucky and being here liveing here in an almost
mansion i am very glad i have what i have.
gabb-e Huff
age: 10

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