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2005-01-21 17:08:40 (UTC)

4 - Passing time

I really don't have anything specific to write. I finally
got a bit of sleep but it still sucked. I woke up twice
and couldn't get right back to sleep. I've paged Heather
but she hasn't called back. I'm giving her a few minutes
before I give up and leave the house. I don't remember
what time she told me she had class.

I can't figure out what my feelings are about the
situation with Amy. Part of me feels lost, sad, hurt...
but part of me is relieved. I knew this had to happen
awhile ago but I never wanted to face it. Just because
it's the right decision doesn't make it any easier. I
wish falling out of love was as easy as falling in it.
heh, obviously for her it is... i wish she'd teach me how.

I don't know if I want to give her the link to this
journal or not. I'm not too up on giving it out to too
many people yet. I'm enjoying it's freedom right now.
Heather's got it, but.. well, she's heather.. she'll have
heard all of this by the time she reads it anyway! ;)

I'm off to work.. I'm gonna go play happy face.. *sigh*