My lil life!
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2005-01-21 15:11:07 (UTC)

Jan21 Got a Phone too... =)

Yeah.. today’s a good day!

Started off cleaning ma quarter’s … you get a sense of
feeling really good after a job and the whole place looks
rather good. I did plan to have my PC reformatted becoz of
the ‘trojan’ virus in my pc but I couldn’t find my
installation cd’s they should be with my bro but he wasn’t
home so i’ll just have that done tomorrow.

I went to go get those parts for our prototype again and
this time I got them all. Proceeded to Greenhills to pick
up a cell. I finally decided to get the exactly the same
type I had before since it would be cheaper now and I
could really save a lot. Of course I’m referring to the
second hand or fairly used ones, there no way I’d spend
money on a brand new one unless it was stolen lol.

I went around the whole place looking for a good bargain
and a good unit but usually if its cheap its not that
good, but if it costs its good. At last I did find a cheap
and really good phone, so far its way better than the old
one I had plus I got it for less than $100 (remember I was
given $300) so I get to save a lot. Hehe.. hmmm… I wonder
want Im gonna spend all this money on.. hehehe.. after I
got the phone I ran outa there as quickly as u can
say ‘bob’s your uncle’ coz I dnt wanna get tempted to
spend some more..

On my way home I bought my sister some flowers.. awwwwww….
Cute…. It’s the first time that’s happening.

Not a bad day at all. Not bad!