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2005-01-21 15:01:36 (UTC)

my mentality

"When you meet that special someone you'll understand why
it didn't work out with anyone else."

makes sense no?

i always did wonder...gees wat was da point to that? why
did i go thru that? what did it lead to? everything is
supposed to have a purpose???????? wat was the point of
dating MR.WRONGS??? but now, i know. it was to be able to
detect when mr. right came along. it would be obvious...so
now that i am with my bf, i can honestly say that i am
able to see and be aware of what i have in front of me. a
bad ass boi.

well yes but, the level of an impact that each and every
PURPOSE is supposed to have is seldom. its an equal
balance of them two. but there is a reason behind
it all i think. sum are irrelevant depending on da way we
look at things.
i used 2 believe in fate. i dont know if i
do as we speak. i think we all have choices, and we all
are capable to change. whether u have the desire to is
another story..
i dont think that i would describe any circumstance or
chapter in my life and approach it as a mere, simply

"IT WAS FATE" ----- excuse/reason.

nah..its more of a-- i chose to
commit a certain action that resulted in such concequence.
which makes me be where i am not in life. thats wat i

another example..like when 2 people fight/argue...

w/out getting philosophical or emotionally disturbed,

people DONT fight cuz they argue. if 2 people argue, its
because someone is not getting things their way...so they
show the anger and or frustration thru an argument,
to release the anger,
to release the bottled stress,
to fight,
and if u bring the other person down, it helps build u up
and get the satisfaction of watever area it is that u were
lacking the satiscfaction from..u obtain the feeling of
overinpowerment. could be.

the one they
are having the issues with and that way, maybe that person
who is getting bickered at will apologize. about the
fighting, not apologize for the reason of the fighting,
make sense? they apologize for the fighting and NOT the
reason for the fighting which in watever case is where
the 'need isnt being met' but the person is oblivious to
it becuz they were NOT approached with the problem just
the effects of the problem such as anger and frustration
of sumone who would rather complain
than say,
hey this is bugging me, it makes me feel such way, lets
fix it....
compared to, if say, for example they arent getting their
way with the amount of time being spent with their other

sumthing could b said to the effect of, i wish u would
come over more often, or i miss u like crazy...lets try
and spend more time together--------

INSTEAD of u ---- NEVER come spend time with me...
u dont care about me anymore, we see each other less and
less, i hate it when u dont care about spending time with

dats drama, there is always a way to go about things. its
not the amount of arguments, but its about the way u
HANDLE ur arguments. psychologists say, fighting is
healthy..it helps u express ur emotions and build on
communication and better urselves as individuals.


i just want to keep this in mind,
---The arguing is the sign/symptom, not the cause.----

Arguing is never the cause of an fight in other words...