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2005-01-21 14:59:56 (UTC)

~* WOW *~

Well right now it's Friday and I am on my even number
classes! We have exams.. and my second hour exam was really
freakin' easy.. my god.. all we had to do was answer 6
questions.. and type up 6 reports which she already had
written for us all we had to do was copy them and put them
in the right format.. HAHA!!

Well lastnight I was at Chris Calo's house and his mom was
helping me and him fill out a application to get into some
apartments.. we are gonna be room mates.. YEAH! I don't
have to sleep in my car or at Lukes anymore! YEAH!!!!!
LOL.. sorry... but me sleeping at Lukes all the time is
making me and him fight more often... I hate that! So maybe
if I got my own apartment it wouldn't be so much fighting..
so yeah! But I have 30 min. left for second hour exam.. and
I am already done.. YEAH YEAH~

But I should get going.. I have a lot of studyin' to do for
my next exam!

Talk to you all later!

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