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2005-01-21 14:44:11 (UTC)

Week4: 1/22-1/28/05

Saturday: 1/22/05
Breakfast: piece of apple cake
Lunch: turkey chop on wheat bun with ketchup
Dinner:white chicken chili with sour cream and mozzeralla
cheese, piece of corn bread
snack: bowl of ice cream
no gym

Sunday: 1/23/05
Breakfast: bowl of cheerios
Lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat whole
grain breadt
snack: slice of apple cake
Dinner: white chicken chili with sour cream amd mozzerella
cheese piece of corn bread
no gym

Monday 1/24/05
Breakfast: egg beaters omelet with peppers and onions,
orange juice
Lunch: jr. whopper with cheese (bad), chicken garden salad
with ranch dressing.
dinner: none
gym: 20 hard minutes on eliptical/20 minutes on treadmill

Tuesday 1/25/05
Breakfast: egg beaters with cheese, 2 turkey sausage links,
2 pieces of multi grain toast, orange juice, 16oz of water.
I got my end of the month outfit on today and it is a
little bit, just a little snug on the thighs but not to bad
and of course they are loose around the waist, I had to get
the bigger size so they would fit the thighs.. a damn
snack: slice of apple cake
Lunch: shrimp and chinese vegetables over steamed rice, 2
spring rolls.:(
Dinner: crab cake, string beans, chicken/shrimp penne pasta
no gym

Breakfast:bacon egg and cheese bagel
Lunch: 6 inch chicken teriaki,
snack: slice of apple cake
dinner: no dinner
No gym :(

Breakfast: no breakfast
Lunch: chicken patti sub, pepsi
Dinner:no dinner
No gym:(

Friday: 1/28/05
Breakfast: turkey bacon, egg beaters and cheese bagel(onion)
Lunch: lasagna, greek salad, cake/ice cream, punch
Dinner: no dinner
No gym

Saturday: 1/29/05
Breakfast: turkey bacon and cheese sandwich
Lunch: 2 slices of pizza
Dinner: chicken stir fry
no gym