K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-01-21 09:34:10 (UTC)

How To Tell Him...

How to tell him,

That I love him, but that I'm not IN love with him?
That it is because I love him that I must leave him.

How to tell him that without him who knows where I'd be?
and that he's the best thing in my life right now?
or that sadly he's the only one who cares for me?

How do I tell him that I want him in my life forever?
though not as my lover but as my protector?

How to tell him that while I am crazy about his personality
that I don't want the man who stands in front of me?

How to tell him that my soul throbs when he touches me?
or the hours wasted on thoughts of what could be?

HOW THE FUCK DO I TELL HIM not to expose his heart to me?
If I do it hard and fast perhaps he won't have to bleed.

How to tell him that he should rid himself of me?

But I've already dug the knife in, somehow it'll release
me from my sin.

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