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2005-01-21 06:00:06 (UTC)

Orientation Friday

I was sleepin and tha alarm woke me up at 8. Chilld in bed
fo half an hour then head over to tha shower. Shit wakin up
feels pretty good. Got dressd and evrythang, all rdy for
orientation , today. Today Ima go n see if I can enroll in
class. Shit I met hella grown folks. I was probably tha
youngest one there. Orientation was forever though lasted
about 3 hours. Finally it was my turn and I got to talk to a
counselor. I was hella happy that im gettin enrolld. Once I
was done I went to tha entrance and waited. 4got that I told
my mom to pick me up at 2:30. Shit I waited for about an
hour. Then I met my friend there. Wut a coincidence that I
know peeps at this skoo. I was startin to feen for a
cigarette. Lucky he came along though. I had to bum a ride
and a cigarette off of him. He was coo to drop me off at
home. Damn I got a fat ass headache when I got home. I just
went right to sleep. Woke up still tired, Look at tha time,
it was 6 :30. Felt hella weird though, like I grew up, all
matured hella quick. I guess I was tired or some. Didnt get
to do much and that was it for today. Tomrow might be better