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2005-01-21 03:09:28 (UTC)

october 30 2004

yeah... today is boring lol im just sitting here wondering
wut im going to be for halloween... lol TOMAROW! lol i dont
think im going out trick or treating... i might just pass
out candy lol so yeah... well yesterday i went to get me
signed up for high school or well choose witch high school
i wanted to go to lol but she said i might get seminole
high instead of largo high but here are m choices...
1.largo high school
2. seminole high school
3. oceola high school
4.clearwater high schoool
5. pinellas park high school
welp idk cuz right now my bro is a senior at largo my sis
is a junior and my other sis is a freshmen.... and well my
other other sis is in college but she went there lol so its
kinda like i wanna go there lol
welp i have to go.. cuz well i do... ttyl bye
hope to write soon,