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2005-01-21 03:06:50 (UTC)

october 24 2004

today is broing wahoo no fun here, but atleast tomarow i
get to go to school nd talk with all my friends lol i had
no homework this weekend lol if u cant tell i have nothing
to say and well, im trying to make converstation. with who?
good question because its not to u b/c well lol im not
talking to u if i dont know who you are lol ohh well this
is cofusing and well i dont want to type much. i made a
public private diary for my profile and i linked it so
people could see it but idk if thats a good idea seeing how
its no fun i cant express myself the way i want to like on
here because no one i know, knows this diary so yeah well
no one except one person knows who i like so i cant like
give it away so i have to write on here, well idk i like
being able to write in here freely knowing that no one i
know can see this, it makes me feel happy because if they
did, it just wouldnt be the same. i was thinking today and
wondering how long i will have this diary for? mabey all
the way throught high school mabey even through college. im
so happy that bloop is here because if it wasnt i dont know
if i could deal, because well i couldnt write what i wish
and make sure no one knew. but i think im going to make a
high school diary like written out so i can give it to my
kids as a guide for high school just in case im not there
for them when they are in high school. im not sure right
now but i want to make a difference here and if i cant, i
know my kids will.
hope to write soon,