2005-01-21 03:06:28 (UTC)

october 23 2004

today is not much of a saturday, im getting worce (sicker)
and i dont feel well i woke up at 4 this morning but went
back to bed, but got up at 12:30 and now its 2:50 lol so
this means i went to sleep at 4:00 yesterday lol now i
added them up and i figured out that i slept 20 hrs! in a
row lol thats a record. i dont have much to say im not even
hungry anymore. ok at school i forgot to say in this diary
thing that i asked aj (my best friend and my crush) if he
liked brandy (my friend ehh) n he didnt say ne thing so
then i asked brandace to go out with aj for 20 bucks n shes
all like aj me n u r going out n hes like no n he didnt
want to cause he donesnt like her lol and it was kinda sad
but ohh well... lately brandy has been a bitch n thinks she
is so cool but she is so not she has no friends except one
and hasnt grew up at all since last yr uhh i feel bad for
her and at the same time i so dont... her parents make her
sit at home all day everyday and babysit for her gay ass
sis n bros n she cant go anywhere not even out side how
gay... when i went over her house, i couldnt wear make-up
or my earings in my cartlige or roll my shorts and now that
i think about it who the fuck is gunna tell me i cant do
that wtf im not her parents kids. they just dont want thier
kid to be exposed to the world those freeks omg. not to
menchin that when i was there i did nothing but fucking
cook dinner for her family and freeking take care of
babies, no tv nothing. lol so gay im never going over there
again!! lol damn so gay i HATE her with my life we are no
longer friends lol ne who... aj n me lol i want him bad lol
even tho idk if he wants me. he leads me on to believing it
tho so idk he flirts all the time and stuff i just hope im
right and not wrong. lol ok well i have to go.. so ttyl
hope to write soon,