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2005-01-21 03:02:20 (UTC)

october 9 2004

today nothing happned... but wow yesterday was friday and
my "exsams" were finally over thank god!! but idk my besest
friend was giving me the silent treetment! it was anoyingme
so bad he was like i cant hear u n i was sad ...he did it
the whole week.. n i talked to him last night and he said
it will all be over on the first dance? idk what thats
sapposed to mean.. this all happend after we both found out
we liked eache other and was hidding it from eachother..
wowo that was odd ne ways idk ne more i dont know what he
mnt by the first dance and i hope its what i think it is
lol ne ways again he said he is doing this becuase he needs
a break from our "love hate relationship" thats what we
call it cause one day were liek love n then the next were
lik uhh i cant stand u any more lol so yes... now.. i have
to go and memorize this long poem i have to memoirze and
then recite it in front of the class on monday! wow im so
not ready! i kno less than half and its saturday... so i
better get going on that but yay i had no homework at all
this weekend becuase i did alllll of it in class! lol
kindaodd i never do it but hey mabey i want to prove
something to people that... blondes at heart rnt really
stupid as they thing ... (they r werse) lol jk!! but really
im not stupid just because they assign us homeowor on lets
say umm.. monday and i go to school the next day and the
clas before i find myself doing it on tuesday right bfore!!
ne hoo its not a crime lol so idk my riends r liek acting
werid.. i have to2 buy two new outfits ... one for dress
down day (ddd) and one for the dance! the halloween dace
lol yes i love dances lol anyways i need to get going lol i
love typing alot too as you can see!! fun fun.. ttyl mabey
do something this weekend.. im gunna make a slam book now!!
wahoo... bye bye!!.
hope to write soon,
xOx SerEnA xOx