My Disturbing Thoughts
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2005-01-21 00:22:01 (UTC)

Life Begins

When I was first introduced into this dark world

I was unloved and confused

Mistreated and abused

I was passed around like a bad joke

Then finally excepted into a home

But still unwanted

I grew up in a world of lies

Lies and disapointments

I remember watching the stars at night

through the bars on my window

waiting for a falling star to appear

I always fell asleep before I spotted one

But I still waited year after year

Night after night

Believing in fairy tales gave me hope

No matter what people put me through

I still had hope...

Someday I would be out of this place

Someday I would be happy

Then the day finally came

I found my falling star

I wished as hard as I could

and I closed my eyes and hoped

All that was left now was to wait

So I waited

and waited...

I hoped and waited for far too long

I believed in fairy tales

And it just led to even more disapointments

I knew I couldn't take anymore diappointments

So I stopped believing in fairy tales

And I stopped having any hope

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