My So Called Life
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2005-01-20 22:05:49 (UTC)

Just to say Thanks

My life has been really hectic lately, but I've managed to
be happier thanks to a few REALLY good friends, three of
which know about this site and read all my entries..and I
just wanted to thank you guys (you know who you 3 are!)
for helping me out w/ my problems and just being really
cool friends.

You, - - -, are like my older brother and I know I can
turn to you about ANYTHING and you always give me good
advice and listen to me no matter what I'm going through.
You're one of the few that have always stuck by me and I
thank you for your friendship. You have been a better
friend to me this year than a lot of people I've known
longer than I have known you, so thank you so much for
your friendship!

- - - - -, I just met you not too long ago, but, again,
you've been a better friend to me in the short time I've
known you than some people I've known longer..so thanks so

- - - - -, what can I say? We've been through a lot of
crap. We've fought, we've gotten mad at each other, and
we've been through a lot, but you've always stuck by me in
my times of hurt. You know a lot of the crap I've been
through (you know about - - - - -, and no one else does,
but shhhh! lol) Thanks again for putting up with me for 3
years! :P


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