Random (boring) Thoughts
2005-01-20 21:37:04 (UTC)

a state of Normalcy

I'm officially tired of being normal. (I'll pretend I
don't hear your laughing). Life is easier for those who
are disabled.

-Handicapped people get reserved parking up front.

-Racial minorities are almost guaranteed jobs due to
affirmative action.

-Poor people get monthly stipend checks from the

As human beings, we are the only species upon this planet
that takes care of our less fortunate members. In nature,
these weaker members of the species would be the first to
get picked off by the lions.

But we are not heartless creatures. We take care of our
less fortunate ones, often at the expense of the rest of
us. I, for one, am sick of it!

Never have I heard a poor person thank me for paying their
stipend with my taxes. Never have I been offered a parking
space by a guy in a wheelchair. Never have I heard a
member of a minority decline a job offer becase another
non-minority member was more qualified.

This is why I propose the creation of the "AMERICANS WITH
NO DISABILITIES ACT". It would give special benefits to
the majority of normal individuals in America as a thank
you for being so nice to the less fortunate.

Wouldn't it be great to go to the mall and park right up
front in a space labeled "Normal Parking Only".

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