Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-20 21:30:35 (UTC)


Dearest Master,

Your slave, bliss is feeling a lot of pressure today. she
is trying to do it all, and today she is feeling rather
inadequate. she is trying her best though.

Yesterday afternoon, You and bliss were fixing supper and
she suggested that You should probably change Your white
shirt since You were working with spaghetti sauce. her
suggestion was well received, so You instructed her to get
You another shirt. she returned with one from the basket
of unfolded laundry in the living room. You are aware of
how busy bliss is, so the fact that there was unfolded
laundry in the living room was not a problem, at least
laundry was done!) You instructed bliss to change Your
shirt right there in the kitchen. After changing Your
shirt, bliss mentioned that Your night pants were in the
bathroom. You led her into the bathroom where she
proceeded to remove Your pants, underwear and socks. she
then helped You into Your night pants, but before pulling
them up, You told her to pull off her shirt and get between
Your legs. she sucked Your cock at first, but You then
moved her down to lick Your balls. she licked them for a
few seconds, and then You pulled her head back and
proceeded to cum all over her face. Afterward, she sucked
Your cock clean, wiped the cum from her face, and You and
she went back to fixing dinner.

Last night, You put bliss to bed as You did the night
before. she was able to sleep better, but did wake up at
one point and begin to toss and turn. You came to her and
removed her restraints, but she did not ask for this. she
was bound and determined that she would go back to sleep.
she was resolved to keep her mouth shut until You were
ready to remove the restraints Yourself. bliss hopes that
You are not displeased with her. she is sorry that she
tossed and turned, and she will try to remain still from
now on.

bliss still as so much to do today. she thought that when
she lost her job that she would have much more time, but
that is not appearing to be the case. How did she do it
before? she has no idea.

bliss loves You so much Master and is looking forward to
seeing You tonight. she must get back to work now though.

As always, she is Your loving, devoted and loyal slave-pet,