Tell-Tale Horrors Of An Insignificant
2005-01-20 21:22:39 (UTC)

i hate belk

after a long and tremendously boring day of school and
cashing my paycheck, i went to belk and bought a shawl
thingy that matches my prom dress. it's the only one i
have found that even looks decent. yeah, it was ONLY 30
bucks for a damn shawl. i think i had an allergic reaction
to the old ladys' perfume samples. they spray that shit
every damn where. i think i may die from liz claibourne
cologne. but i like my shawl...its shiny...i could stare
at it allllll day long.
mood: shitty b/c i have tons of homework
music: theme song from "full house"

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