just another day
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2005-01-20 21:17:04 (UTC)


Hello im robert im 19 years old and i live in TN just
recentaly moved away ... well abot five min away from my
old house wich was my grandmothers house and still is to
this day . I have a mother her name is mellisa my brothers
name is steven my sisters name is katherine . I have a
girlfreind her name is allie she is the best thing in my
life right now with out her i dont know where i would be .
So now you know the basics of my family so i shall begin
with my freinds they are thes anyone could ever have and we
will always be freinds un till judgement day and the
trumpest sounds and the world ends even after taht we will
be together. First is charles deason even thought i met his
brother justin first. Next is justin then katie then jc
they are all great freinds many good times with them we do
everything together like paint ball mtg video games
skateboard anything that is fun and dangerous we will do it
all of us has come so close to losing out lives just doing
some thing fun we collect every cool thing we see most of
all its swords and knives charels has the most scars as he
has alomst lost counless finers and even toes me on the
other hand cause some of those scars but its all good they
dont get mad ive had some pretty nasty scars but i
regenerate to fast so they dont show im good at games just
like they are though im not as good as charles dont count
me out if you do i will be back in the game and be much
harder to kill i am is dead!! ok that sounded stupid but
its true all my freinds think im some sort of zombie
becasue of the way i look and act i like dark thinkgs and
mytholigical studies im half and half demon and angel i
cant decide well im going to stop and write tommrow ^_^

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