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2005-01-20 21:14:45 (UTC)


married. 2 jobs. no GJ anymore. hair salon and gas
station. i've grown apart from the group, everyone knows
that, but i've finally come to terms with it. i know i'm
just outside, but i still like to talk once in a while.
they don't shun me out so i guess that's a good sign, but
i don't think i go back to how things used to be. not even
sure if it can be done. as long as i can still talk to
them once in a while and get together once in a while i'm
ok with it i guess. nothing else to be *shrugs*
i've slipped into a .. well, in the middle of the two
extreme attitudes i've been since high-school. not sure
what to call it, but i still do some things i did then and
still some i did after.
i realize i've gone distant from everyone, i'm not so much
trying to get closer, as trying to stop from drifting
more. an email here or there, lost the cell again so i
can't really call until i copy numbers down again.
hopefully it won't be catch-up time when someone dies
again. three total in the class now. all from herion in
one way or another. i guess it's good i got away from the
type of people i hung out with in grade school. sad, but
it's their own fault.