jenn parr
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2005-01-20 20:58:00 (UTC)

One step backwards

One step forward and ten steps backward! Things always seem to
go that way.

So far my weight loss has slowed down ALOT. I have only lost
10lbs in the last month, whereas I lost 35lbs the first month. I just
dont know what I am doing wrong, other than not getting in enough
excercise. Which I plan to change. I have been watching FitTV
and some of their workout programs and am interested in doing
them. But the past few days have been hell and I cant get up to do

On Monday we took the boys to the snow, we drove up past
Springville to a spot where they could go sledding and play.
Everything was great and we had alot of fun. Then when I went to
get some things for the boys snowman and all of a sudden got
really dizzy. I had to sit down for a good hour to regain my
composure. Then shortly after that I started having severe side
pains again.

On Tuesday I went in to see Dr Patel at the clinic. He seemed very
concerned. He ordered X-Rays (6 in total) and lab work which I
expected. He also ordered a CT Scan with contrast. (a
tomography scan) I had my X-Rays and lab work done on
Tuesday, and was scheduled for the CT Scan on Wednesday.
Well when I scheduled my CT Scan they wanted me to drink lots of
barium. About 3-24oz bottles. Everytime I drank it I threw up. So
when I got to the scan they had me drink this lemon stuff. They put
an IV in and after the iodine went in, I started to get really really
dizzy. The tech said to not miss my appt with my regular doctor
today because he is going to want to talk to me. So that worries

I go to see Dr Kamboj today at 4:30. I hope he can tell me
something about what is wrong. Then tomorrow I go to see Dr
Parvez (my surgeon) and hopefully I will get some defined
answers about why I am in so much pain. I cant stand these

Yesterday I couldnt eat much. I was lucky to get in a thing of string
cheese and a little bit of sausage from my beef stick. And even
then, I felt nasea.

Today I feel better, although I am still having the pains in my side. I
was able to put a basket of clothes away, and do a load of dishes.
I hope to finish dishes today. Owen will be with me today, so I will
have him help me do them.

Well its time to get ready to take Daniel to work and take Tristun to

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