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2005-01-20 19:01:08 (UTC)

Killing time

Have seven minutes to go until my conference call so I
thought I would check in. Started reading random entries
from strangers and MAN was that boring.

Just got back an email from Teresa about ST in Florida. I
am really jacked about going back to Fl again. And really
jacked that I get to be the one to bust her Spring
Training cherry (so to speak). I know she's gonna have a
blast. I just hope I can calm her down enough so that she
doesnt pee all over me. She has this hyper-active persona
that she puts on display for all to see. I never really
noticed it until I had lunch with her and Andrea back in
September of 2004. It REALLY came out then. They were like
polar opposites, Andrea...shy and reserved...and
Teresa...spastic and just a tad bit obnoxious.

I wrote to Krystle last night and havent heard anything
back. That makes me a tad bit sad. I really think she's
amazing, and she really inspired me to write KS. I know
that I cant use "not having her around" as an excuse to
not finish KS. And I wont. I just miss the way that I felt
around her. I know that she has an amazing life ahead of
her, and I wish that I had the opportunity...if nothing
else...to be witness to it.

OK time for my conference call.

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