How Do I Tell Them...
2005-01-20 14:18:47 (UTC)


Today i went and i got my bikini line waxed, plus some and i
tell you what everyone who thinks that it canes and you cant
walk or somethin stupid like that needs to just go get it
done, it doesnt hurt...have you ever waxed your eyebrows?
your legs? give it a chance it so does not hurt. just
cooperate with the chick who is telling you waht to do, yes
you have to do something but i mean come on do you expect to
go there and not have to do anything? lol its not sex ladies
you dont just lie there and take it (like i know some of you
out there do and i can say so have i). So in full:

Go get a bikini wax...if it hurts then dont do it again...i
can assure you, you will never go back.

On another note, my girlfriend and i are going great as far
as i am concerned, i love her with all of my heart and i
cannot wait to see her again, its only about 25 days until i
get to sweep her into my arms and kiss her and not let her
go and tell her one big thing:


I just remembered i have a dental appointment tomorrow so i
am hoping that i can get over there... i only just
remembered which means i have to go to bed so i am sorry
ladies and gentlemen i bid you adue.

BTW Princess i fucking love you, i will talk to you tomorrow
but for now i am to bed. mWAH!!!! lots of hugs and kisses
angelbear. I love you.

To the rest...


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