Diary of a freakin' idiot!
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2005-01-20 07:00:44 (UTC)

In a fight with my sister...I finally cracked.

My mom made a schedule for us. Me to be on the internet
after school, middle sis (hannah), to talk on the phone
for two hours, lil sis to talk on the phone for an hour. I
hate talking on the phone. Hannah wanted to use the phone
for a quick minute to call our dad. She got a cell phone
and dad bought her a new one, the one she wanted. He said
that he didn't want to bring it today because he was too
tired. But hannah was keeping my only internet time off. I
went back in the room and started to let the phone hook up
to it to mess up her call. Didn't work.

So guess what? I cracked. At the end of my rope. The last

I couldn't help myself. I have a very ver VERY short
temper, and grabbed a stool in the room and came at it with
my sister. She dodged it luckily because i was severly
raged. I wanted to kill her. But then we got in a fist
fight. She was only protecting herself but I was furious. I
put up with her shit too long. So she hit my face so hard,
my glasses made a gash in my upper cheek. Nothing too
sever. But one hell of a bruise. I ran into the hall
screaming my fucking head off in frustration and crying
like hell. My sister was desperatly trying to help me calm
down, but I told her if she touched me I'll go phsyco on
her. I didn't know my glasses gashed my face until I put my
hand up to see if the hit mark was really swollen. I was
freaking out because I thought I was crying blood. I
finally let her help me, and she told me that she was sorry
over and over. I told her that she needed to change, that
her fucking little bitch for friends have changed her into
one of them. A hateful little slutty bitch. My mom freaked
out when she came home.

But were alright now. I still have the bruise on my face
though. Hannah feels so guilty. First time in forever.
Every time I walk pass her, she tells me to look at her so
she can see the bruise she did. She told me sorry a billion
time today. But I told her it was okay. Now that I have all
that rage gone, I feel much better. I'm not going to school
tommorrow. Mom said it was okay. My glasses broke. So now I
can't see a fucking damn thing. But at least all that anger
builing up in me is gone. I watched yugioh a bit, and now i
have to go to bed. Goodnight.