2005-01-20 03:15:19 (UTC)

January 19

Today was a very unusual day in DC. The festivities for
Inauguration kicked off...and so did the snow...about 3
inches worth which messed up the whole city. I had to
venture out and pick up event tickets for another office
in the snow and cold which wasn't much fun. Oh well. I
did get tickets myself to the swearing in and other
events. Tomorrow I do not have to report to work,
however, I have to get up early to be able to make it to
the check-in point at a good time. The events tomorrow
have security all over so it will be very strict. I also
worked on some reports on the computer and filed a few
papers. James and I were the only people in the office in
the afternoon as many people took the day off. Sec.
Veneman gave her fairwell address today and it was very
good. I never had the chance to meet her but have see a
few of her speaches now. The metro was a pain in the butt
to get home today. "Black Tie and Boots" event was held
at MCI and everyone out of town was using the metro to get
there. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day weather
wise...if not then I will wear warm clothes and brave it!
This is history in the making!

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