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2005-01-20 02:48:09 (UTC)

Snow and other fun-ness

So, today was wonderful. For the most part. It's amazing -
the effect that 2 inches of snow during school can have on
high school kids who are usually tired and bored. Everyone
was so hyper in school today... I mean, Mr. Moore was
singing songs in Russian, some guys had a snowball fight,
Rachel and I went out to play in the snow before 7th
period and she made a snow angel in the teacher parking
lot and I had to help her brush the snow off her back...
good times. Well, it didn't start of that well, because I
had gotten very little sleep, thanks to my insomnia which
likes to kick in at the most inopportune moments. But then
I didn't have to present any of the orals that I had
prepared for, which was a relief, even though I was pretty
much ready for all of them. History was kind of annoying
because I got a 50 on the quiz... it seems like everytime
I start to do better on his reading quizzes and get a 100,
the next time I just do even worse than before. And don't
even get me started on the fact that everyone else has a
100 announced quiz grade and I don't... grr. But then Mr.
Moore told some funny stories, because he is just a funny
guy, and he did some funny accents, and he sang a song in
Russian, so it was all good, and I still heart Mr. Moore.
And then at lunch I got a nice hug from my buddy Matt
Carr, which always makes my day. And some silly guys went
out in the courtyard and started a snowball fight since
there were no administrators in the closed commons...
turns out the teachers didn't even particularly care.
interesting. And then in bio we were all wound up and Mrs.
Strang got mad at us for not paying attention and said we
were having a quiz on everything we've done for next
time... so that was kind of a bummer, especially since I
wasn't one of the ones misbehaving... but oh well. At
least I understand what we are doing right now. Anyway,
the snow is wonderful, and there's no school tomorrow, so
everyone will get a much needed break -even though we just
had monday off... :0

Josh Groban concert... 17 days? I am uber-excited. I have
my plan to yell out to Josh that I love him, and ask him
to marry me, and then you know when he accepts and tells
me to meet him after the concert, I'll bring Pam with me
and tell him it was her, since they are going to get
married and everything... and then Josh and I will become
uber-best friends (like pam and I), so that I can still
heart him majorly. (uber must be the word of the day).
Especially since I watched the extras on the Live at the
Greek DVD today... Josh is a big dork. And he is
absolutely adorable. I would give anything to be in his
little crowd, and get to talk to him everyday and see him
in all of his moods... sigh.

The only bad thing about no school tomorrrow is that it
means no choir at church tomorrow night... and I was
looking forward to it. I don't sing enough anymore, and I
miss it. I was also looking forward to seeing my buddy Mr.
Ritter... who I haven't talked to or gotten a hug from
since Christmas Eve, which was almost a month ago! That's
too long!

I've been big on hugs lately. But not from the people you
would expect, like my close friends and my family. Well, I
do hug my daddy all the time but that doesn't count. But I
hug Matt Carr all the time, I hug Ray Blake a lot, and I
hug Mr. Ritter like 5 times every time I see him. I don't
know what's up with that... I just like hugs all the
sudden. I like spreading the love. I think I'll try it out
on some other people, too.

So let's see if anything else interesting has happened.
Last friday night I went to see In Good Company with Pam,
which was really good, and Topher Grace looked uber-sexy.
(there's that uber again... someone make me stop.)
Then Pam and I went to Barnes and Noble and didn't even
buy anything, but we had a grand old time looking up the
fate of our future relationships in some horoscope
books... it's always good to be prepared for what could
happen. And then we went back to Pam's house and she let
me borrow like 6 books, which will be good since there's
no school tomorrow... and then we ended up talking in her
driveway for like half an hour, which was really really
cold but also kinda cool, because we just... talked.
Actually, Pam and I do that a lot. That's one of the
reasons why I love hanging out with her, because we don't
always have to talk about school stuff, because it isn't
the only common thread like it is with some people I talk
to. We can go off in our own little fantasy worlds and no
one can bother us. And I also heart Pam majorly for the
Orlando Bloom calendar she gave me today... just looking
at him 12 times makes me smile. Yay for best friends.

Hmm Hmm what else. Sat II's on saturday, i'm excited.

The next few weeks at school are kind of going to suck...
what with all the orals going on, plus history internal
assesment stuff which no one knows how to do, plus all
that psych stuff we have to redo, plus a big bio test...

Oh another interesting little tidbit... Lauren started a
fire in her apartment today. She turned on a burner on her
stove to boil water to make coffee, and then went to her
room, and didn't realize that she had turned on the wrong
burner. The burner that she did turn on happened to have a
plastic plate with cake on it sitting on top, so it didn't
take very long for that to catch fire, and Lauren walked
back into the kitchen and saw flames. She had to wake her
roomate up because she didn't know where the fire
extinguisher was, and then once they found it they
couldn't figure out how to work it, so they called 911,
but then got it to work and so hung up. 911 called back
and asked what was up and then said they were gonna come
check it out anyway, even though they had gotten the fire
out, so I think Lauren was kind of embarresed when 3 fire
trucks, 2 police cars, and an ambulance showed up to check
out a fire that was already out. Anyway, once my parents
found out about this, my dad turned to me and said "Guess
who's getting a fire extinguisher lesson this weekend?"
So, since Lauren didn't know how to use one, I get to
learn how to use one! Not that I plan on ever starting a
fire in my apartment... but hey, things happen.

And on that note, I think I'm going to go curl up in bed
and read a book.

(Edit 9:49) Oh and I just was looking back at all my
entries, and realized I only had 9 for all of 2004... I'll
try to do better this year, I promise.

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