Her boy

Her boy
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2005-01-20 02:42:23 (UTC)

Entry 12

Your boy is exhusted and maybe not feeling too great.
Today was the workout of the century out there, my lower
back is killing me and whats worse is i dont think we've
seen it all yet, which means i may have to repeat it all
again tomorrow. i may wind up sleeping in a bit tomorrow
morning Mistress, i'm going to bed in a little bit thought
after a long warm shower. But listen to me complain, i'm
sorry. i must say while i was out there today You were on
my mind about ` of the time, i was going to lie and say
every second, but when Your outside in a huge snow storm
all alone the weirdest shit just pops in to your head.
With Your permission i'd like to call You tomorrow, let me
know if i can, also did You wind up getting the text
message on Your phone from yesterday becasue i dont want
to make it look like i forgot or just didnt do a journal.
Talk to You soon Mistress.