Tales of a Sissy Pig
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2005-01-20 02:25:01 (UTC)

The AfterMath

I talked to Mistress right after my photo assignment. She
told me to meet online with her that night for a session.
She scolded again for being so late and told me I better
be online by 9 PM sharp.. It was early in the day and I
was locked up and knew I would spend the whole day
waiting. I was very frustrated by the time evening
arrived. I signed on early and precisely at 9. I reported
in to Lady Sybil.

I had to wait a half hour but I finally got a response
saying to prepare for her and she would be back. I
stripped naked wearing only my chastity and waited a half
hour past and then another hour. I was frustrated and
tried to rub my clit through my chastity even though I new
I couldn't touch it.

Finally Mistress got on and showed me her webcam She was
wearing fishnet stockings with bare feet. She let me get a
view of her beautiful feet and calves for awhile and then
abruptly told me to get my chastity off now. I was
surprised at the order but ran upstairs and got the key.
After I unlocked she told me to get my plate and make a
sissy surprise for her. I was so horny I started stroking
and quickly came on the plate. She ordered me to clean it
up as she watched on cam. I lapped it up in front of her
and as I cleaned the last from the plate she abruptly cut
off her cam and ended the session telling me to lock up
until I was told otherwise.

Here it is days later and I am still locked up. I must
place an order for low temperature candles for next time.
I don't know what else she will have in store for me.

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