Silk Masks
2005-01-20 01:17:19 (UTC)

Old Poems

I have here beside me my little red and black note book.
Through grade 4 and 5 i tried to make nice poems. I don't
think i wrote one funny one (they weren't supposed to be but
i would've hoped to have some more humor at that age).

(LMAO! sorry but i'm just watching 'talking to americans'
and he just got 3 people to say "Hello Canada, Our eskimo
neightbours to the south." HA!)

anyhow these are some of my old poems, theres only a few
because at that age I ripped out all the poems i didn't like
(surprised theres any left) and now the book has lost over
half its pages.

Opening page:
You never realize how
Much you love someone, (Man,i'm morbid...)
till they are gone...

Silent Sea

If you put your ear to my heart,
you will hear the ocean.
Not the peaceful laps of water on the shore,
or the faint breeze with the sea salt smell
Yet the sound of something fading away in the sea's current.
Dissapering from existance every wave.
When you spoke, the tide would bring it in.
Yet when your words stoped and didn't return,
My heart was swepted further away in the crescent blue

Hold On

I sometimes see thou in the cerulean skies.
You tell me to hold on, to stay in one piece in this puzzle.
You find my sunken heart at the bottom of this world,
And hold it high.
You squeeze every last empty emotion out of it
and held it together...

(that one... was horrible!)


You were there for me,
when i needed someone to hold my hand.
You would laugh with me,
to help build my hopes up high.
You would whisper me comforts,
In days of pain.
Now I need you the most,
you yet are gone.
I will not let the rain fall from within me.
You would stay by my side,
and even yet now I can feel your hand on my shoulder...
whispering me to stay with you,
be here a little longer...
and I will, for you...

(.... I have nothing to say)

Forget me not

I will remember your soft touch,
So please forget me not.
I will remember your sweet lips,
So please forget me not.
I will remember your lovely voice,
So please forget me not.
I will remember your beautiful hair,
So please forget me not.
I will remember you as if you were still here...
So please forget me not...

(I remember really liking this one. I'm noticing I use ... a


The world is a prison.
Yet you only feel captured when one has lost something dear.
Why is it that one must end in tragedy?
If a loved one has left in happiness,
must the lover never sleep?

(i like the title. I'm going to rewrite this sometime, just
using the title)

(Copywrite of ME)
Thats all, so thats what i'll leave it at that.