marie aka mississippi

Jersey Native
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2005-01-20 00:12:47 (UTC)

Goin' down

Da white ppl tryin' to take my L's but I'm fight this shit
cuz I aint do nada. Iono what happened an how someone got
my info but they got it an chea...a detective keep callin'
threatenin' my motha bout a aphadavid an goin' to appear
in court. My dad think I'm lyin' bout getttin' pulled ova
wen I neva got pulled ova. An I tol his ass that. He tol
me he would take care of it not to worry.

My mom wan my b/f to pay half of a plane ticket to come
here but she dun have any money...maybe she'll have sum
iono. My otha b/f Ivan wan come too...but them AZ natives
got sand in dey shoes an cactus in dey ass so who knows
they dun miss me anyways.

Lovin'M.L.A for the rest of my days

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