My lil life!
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2005-01-19 23:59:46 (UTC)

Jan19 should i?

Dear Diary,

Its my School foundation week and a lots of activities are
going on but I just not seem to be in the right spirit. It
turned out that I didn’t even attend Cari’s contest thingy
in the school hall which is rather sad because after all
she’s like my cousin and we do go to the same school plus
she invited some of our other friends and they’ll be
expecting to see me, but anyway I had stuff to do.

Today was really tiring so I had to go home early and rest.
I plan on doin some night study so I really need to rest. Im
not cut out for any social thingy as of the moment.

I got $300 for my new celphone but I havnt made up my mind
on which unit to buy. I’d like to spent only $200 on the
unit so I could save up $100 but I also want a functional
phone. And the new improvements on my last phone are the
Voyager and Motorola MPX200 and they cost around $280. I
still don’t know what to do.