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2005-01-19 21:23:45 (UTC)

Another Boring Day In The Life of Me

Hey again!

Hmmmm.... I'm having trouble about everything. You
know what I hate the most is when people judge me before
they know me. Yes I know that I'm immature, and that I get
on peoples neerves. But still, I know that I'm a good
person, who can get along with anyone.
This guy Daniel, he goes to my church. he acts all
nice to me at church but then he totally ignores me at
school. I really hate it. I just want to go up to him and
slap the daylights out of him! I think personally guys are
a waste of time, but alot of them are really nice.
Like this guy Stewart! He is so sweet. he just moved
here from California! He is really cool! I mean I like
him. He is cute, smart, and sweet. I just don't know if he
likes me, and that kills me. Me and him are friends, but
if I approach him I might freak him out. Is that bad?
Why would I be asking you? It's not like you can
anwser back? that is the wierd things about diaries. You
put down all you feelings, but you just don't get any
feeling back from it. Is it just somethign you do, so 10
years from now you can look back on your life? Just one of
those wierd things. Hry sorry to make it so short, but I
really gotta go!