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2005-01-19 21:02:55 (UTC)

one day at a time

so today has been ok... I talked to amanda and she was
just weird yesterday because she found out that her
grandpa has cancer. i have no clue how to make her feel
better about that, there's really nothing you can say. i
know when i found out about my grandma i didn't want to
hear anyone's sympathy, it all sounded phony, but it's
good to know that she's still there for me. now i'm
starting to stress about college. i haven't gotten
accepted to the ones that i really want to go to. I can't
think of anything i want more than to go to a college
that's close to my brother. I've never gotten to live near
him before and i don't think i could stand it if i didn't
get accepted to one near him. Meanwhile i've been throwing
myself into working on yearbook, it's the only thing i
look forward to in my day, well that and this, but without
either i think i'd loose my sanity, at least what's left
of it:-) But all-in-all it's been a good day.

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