Tell-Tale Horrors Of An Insignificant
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2005-01-19 20:36:33 (UTC)

i don't give a flying fuck

men are such complete ASSHOLES!!! sorry i had to emphasize
in case each and everyone of you isn't aware of my complete
hatred of the male species. i mean seriously what the fuck?
morons... it just seems that when you just start to get to
know someone and develop a possibly meaningful connection
something has to go and fuck it up. i'm sick and tired of
it and i will not tolerate this bullshit. therefore, i am
going to go in my room, lock the door, lie down on my bed,
and weep my poor little eyes out until my pillowcases are
black from my eyeliner and mascara. then, i will join a
nunnery where i do not have to worry about such problems.
at this point in my life...i don't give a flying fuck
anymore (hence the name of this entry).

mood: fuck you all
music:Dire Straits-"So Far Away"

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