My Gay Misadventures
2005-01-19 20:26:13 (UTC)

Keep on Truckin'

Looks like all that self reflecting taking showers in the
dark really paid off. While being high the other night, I
came to relize..Im finaly over Mat! I mean, im not even mad
anymore that he screwed me over again. I saw him online the
other night, and he tried to gimme an excuse, but i honestly
couldnt care less. And when i told myself that outloud. I
belived me. This is SUCH a wonderful feeling. Now i get shut
the fuck up and move on.
-On that note, I still have my eyes set on Chris. The
buggar may not even see me as anything, but goddamnit. Once
i see somethng i want, I tend to get it. Im in a Commitment
phase. and I REALLY want to settle down. Damnit. About
10mins ago a guy just left after we messed around. (So much
for my vow of celibacy) But its getting worse. These temp.
Highs just arnt cutting it. I want a BF. I want someone like
Chris. So what am I waiting for? Do it Ric. Time to charm my
ass off. (not that i have to)

---Im hungry. I needa go to the mall.