crackheads thoughts
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2005-01-19 19:11:00 (UTC)


I just thought that I would update, b/c I have nothing
better todo, and livejournal doesnt work at school.

Well, It has only been about a year since I updated this
thing, b/c I cant keep up 3 journals at one time, so now I
just use Livejournal.

Nothing big has been going on really, I dont think that
we're going to get a good Senior Trip, but thats ok, b/c
noobody is going to read this anyway. Doesnt matter to me.

I found my dress so, now I just have to get it paid off,
which shouldnt be to hard, b/c I have nothing else do to
with my money.

Well, I think im done, I have nothing to do though.


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