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2005-01-19 18:16:43 (UTC)

On my lunch break

I'm eating a Lean Cuisine for lunch today. Somehow I
don't think it will fill me up. Leanne sent me back over
to Sign-A-Rama this morning to restore the backup of the
Quickbook file we'd worked on yesterday. I was so afraid
I'd messed up their books but she didn't tell me about
anything I did wrong so it must be ok. I entered Bagels
And's payroll wrong yesterday and I felt retarted when I
came back to find the file back on my desk. I knew it
didn't look right but I couldn't put two and two together
to realize I'd opened the wrong file when I worked on it.
Things like that make me question my IQ. A certain boy
who will remain nameless was supposed to call me to hang
out Tuesday night. Well, needless to say he never did and
I stayed home Tuesday night. It makes me think of what
Cyndi Lauper said in the movie "Vibes": "That's what they
all say... then they never call."
...but I ended up Iming with Nick (for like 3 hours) and
catching up with Ro, Holly, and Desiree ...so the night
turned out ok. I needed some down time after the stress
from work all day anyway. I think I sat in front of a
computer screen from 9am-11pm yesterday. Only break was
when I was driving. Tonight I'm going out to dinner at
Pizzaria Uno (yeah... that's right) to celebrate Ross's
birthday with Holly's family and Nick. Should be
interesting. I have discovered online banking. It's cool
to see all my debits and deposits online. If I still
cannot balance my checkbook it is time to consider
different career opportunities. Well, that's it for today.
P.S. Lean Cuisine sucks

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