Rose's Garden
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2005-01-19 16:33:18 (UTC)

Just another day January 19/05

This is a day that my head is spinning, because I know I
have to make a move in my life and I son't know where to
start. I been on disbility for so long, and now that I want
to go back to work seems so overwhelming. I have been so
distant towards people, i've lost touch with the outside
workd (so to speak). I did make the decison to do a
correspondence for english grade 11. My goal is to get my
ged, but want to brush up on my academics first. I been on
the computer for so long, as a leisure. I run a mIRC
channel, which is a trivi channel, just to keep myself busy
when i'm bored. Latley thou it seems like so much drama
that makes me ill, I don't even like to go there much. It
use to be alot of fun with my operators and guest, but now
it is all back stabbing assholes that is ruining the fun of
the channel. I think thats another reason why i'm longing
for something new in my life. I have a bumbed knee that
stops me from doing alot I wish I could do, cause if I
didn't i doubt I would be on my pc so much. Well decisions,

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