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2005-01-19 16:02:13 (UTC)

will it happen???

january 19th 2005

Last night I did something I hadnt done
since I was a little girl. I prayed to god to make the one
I am in love with happy. To let him find who he is and
what he needs inthis life to survive....Even though inside
I am hurting so damn bad, im glad he told me the truth I
understand that he needs time because after all in the
long run dont we all? I just hope one day he realizes that
he still loves me and decides he wants to be with me
again.. I respect his decsion on us..because if he is
happy in then end then ill be okay I have to be.. He has
made me stronger and made my life worth living. even
though I may not want to live right now, I will be glad
just to see his face, because after all he is the only guy
I know for sure that I have ever loved and the only one
who has been there for me like he has been....
Do prayers come true? if you beleive in them hard enough,?
because I wish that all mine will come true just so I know
he is happy truely happy :( God I love him so much and im
counting on you to bring him back if this with me is ever
where he wants to be again.....
till then all I can do is try to help anyway possible
and hope that he will be happy,..