So Here We Are
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2005-01-19 12:26:45 (UTC)


I'm proper tired today, stayed in Craig's last night.
Wasn't as though we went to bed late or nothing either, i
must just be lazy!
I'm home now, just chilling on the pc for a bit as i
don't have to be in college until 2. Got an hour of
sociology then 2 hours of english..... noooo. English is
so fuckin borin. *Grrr*

I'm gutted :(
On my driving lesson yesterday, steve (instructor), gave
me a mock test. I was driving fine and for the manouveres
I did parallel parking and left-hand reverse n although i
messed the first one up my left-hand reverse was spot on!
At the end of the lesson steve said if that was a real
test i wud have passed - hoorah! Now that fuckin kicks
arse an means i'll be driving soon (hopefully)... only
problem is, i don't have any money to pay for my test, i
mean, fuckin £80, wat a joke.

So, i'm made up bout that, shame i dont have any money.
Plus it's eileen's birthday outing to town a week on sat
and with £55 i need to buy a card, a present, get to town,
get bladdered, get home. Somethin tells me that aint gonna
work. Need a new job so bad :(

Oooooh i love craig so much. he's coming down here
tonight, can't wait to see him again, he left me in bed
this morning when he went to college, awww, how sweet is

Well i'm gonna have some dinner then head off to college,
see yaz!

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