*KiN FoNG*
2005-01-19 11:35:33 (UTC)


i hv studyed the whole night for my chinese test so i went
sch very early today. The chinese test is on the 2nd
lesson and it is very difficult because i forgot most of
it when i was doing the test paper. then 3rd and 4th
lesson is the drawing class but the test i hv used a wrong
method in 2point that picture so i erased it and draw the
3rd point that one. i am so unlucky today lo should
be the lowest mark that i get in IS. after that i felt
exhausted. after sch i played ball in sch till to 5 and
went to work later on. after my dinner i watched tv and
prepare my oral" the person that i admire". after memorise
half of it then i slept at 0100

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