Elizabeth M.
2005-01-19 07:51:45 (UTC)

His Face

Tonight I went to Mark's house. I needed a hug! I keep on
having these dreams of someone trying to kill me. I was a
bit freaked out. It was funny, he called me as I walked up
to the front door, I just told him to open the front door,
he asked why, I said because I am at your front door, da...
He opened the door and grab me and gave me a great big
hug. I enjoyed that. We played a bit on the couch while Lee
was playing a video game. Then he took the pillow and put
it on his lap, I said no, he grab my hair and pulled me to
him, I said what are we in the caveman ira? He said yes...
he place my head on the pillow and started to rub my
head/hair. He kept on staring at me and kissing my head and
my cheeks/ and my lips, I turned so I could look at him. I
found myself staring at him, like I was under his spell. He
his soooo handsome and sexy!! I just wanted to make love
right then and there. Afterwards, he had asked to help him
go to sleep. We both seem to sleep better when we are in
each others arms. He tried to get confortable on top of me
and I told him that I wasn't going to stay, he started to
fall asleep, I tried my best not to wake him, but I did.
When I did wake him he looked up at me and started to stare
again and grab my hand. I knew he didn't want me to leave
but I told him that I had things to do. Tho I didn't want
to leave him I did. I kissed him on the cheek and lips and
head and whispered into his ear"I LOVE YOU".I think that
Wed. night I'll stay w/him. He has 4 days left. Tho he his
acting very loveable and loving to me which I love,I am
still waiting.