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2005-01-19 06:49:18 (UTC)

Simple day

It is again a simple day. My work is mainly read up the
coding and do some study on my own. A little bit boring.
Since this Friday is public holiday and beginning of next
week will be the orientation, I have no chance to ask for
some development. After that I think I cannot just sit and
wait there, but should take some action.

Hehe, be free is relaxing but a little boring especially
you have nothing to do except surfing the net when your
boss is sitting behind :(

Just now lunch with one of my seniors, and he described his
dreams and future plan. A bit unrealistic. But anyway it is
good to own your dream and fight for it. As for me, I am
actually quite lazy and pursue an easy life. I will start
with what I own and aim for what is near me.

Now I know single life is easy happy, but a bit lonely when
you see people round you are all couples :)

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