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2005-01-19 03:56:48 (UTC)

Saying Hello

Hello, almost sounds like somewhat of a cliche, it has
been used to the extent to were it no longer holds any
meaning. Numerous times during the day you will hear; Good
afternoon. Good to see you. How are you doing? How was your
day? In actuality the majority of the instances you hear
this in is just purely there for effect and used out of
context. These greeting are taught in beginner classes for
a foreign language class. You would say these to your
spanish teacher in the same mundane manner you would to your
boss, stranger, parents, or even your friends.

"Hello how are you today Mr. Smith?"
"I'm doing alright, But I'm not feeling to well today."

This was an actual (exempt the name) word for word
conversation. The real issue is some try to hard to be
polite and caring. While others may not act like they care
enough. In actuality just walking by people with a smile on
your face can have the same effect as actually attempting a
fake greeting. of course there will always be occassions
when such salutations hold their meaning. But the lady at
the gas station that says, "How was your day?" everytime you
walk in to buy a pack of cigerettes doesnt really care how
your day was. Its more so said out of habit than emotion.

C’est la vie - That's Life

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