Sweet Recee

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2005-01-19 02:46:21 (UTC)

Put That On Everything

No matter what, every time I hear this song, I am compelled
to express myself. It makes me feel so... elated. And at
times it makes me sad. It really depends on my current
situation. Even when I was a girl of about eleven, the
first time i heard this song, before i even knew what she
was saying, i loved it, i drank it in, i absorbed it. and
ever since i learned the lyrics i have been looking for
someone to sing it to. someone who i felt so deeply
about... someone who i would truly do anything for.

and i didn't find him for years and years. in fact, by the
time he came into the picture, i wasn't even looking
anymore. i had settled on the idea that i wasn't meant to
be loved, that i could only be admired from afar and never
truly explored. i had all but given up on love. for a
long time i didn't believe it existed in its purest form.

then, with a knock on my door on the evening of September
29, 2004 it all began. and even as i opened it and beheld
the handsome stranger I did not know that it was love who
had come calling. it wasn't until a few weeks later that i
discovered that all of my dreams could come true. that
sophia bedford-pierce was right when she said "there may
not be a perfect love, but love has the power to make you
believe that perfection is achievable."

i have written so many poems about how hopeless the
situation was. how utterly lost and alone i was, how i
yearned for love and affection... and for years my prayers
went unanswered. the one thing i wanted more than anything
in the world was so often denied.

why i wanted love, i don't know. i still to this day
cannot fathom anything more wonderful. is it all it's
cracked up to be? when it's real. love can do some
amazing things. is it all in my head? no. it's mostly in
my heart. in my soul.
This song, even though it wasn't even written by the person
who sings it, so completely embodies everything that i want
to be to someone, that it makes me want to cry. it always
has, since day one. it's not about how someone makes you
feel, it's how you want to make them feel. i find more
pleasure in pleasing others than in being pleased myself.
I want to be that perfect person, with such an inner beauty
that all worldly things are forgotten. i want our hearts
to beat as one, i want what everyone has been searching
for, and i think i've finally found it...

"Put That On Everything" Brandy

I would pull a star out of the sky for you
To the edge of the earth i'll go to see you
if you're anywhere and i'm not there
just think one thought of love and i'll appear

if you're looking to find
a love that will stand 'til the end of time
baby, relax your mind, my love is here
i'll do everything i swear
i'll take the pain and the hurt
you won't know it's there
your wants will be nothing
i put that on everything

before i dream i lay and think of you every night
honest to god i'm telling you the truth
i wish you could see how much your presence means to me
you would love me so much more each day

i'll walk for you through the desert heat
i'll climbe a mountain's higest peak
swim forever in the deepest sea
just for you this song i sing
for all the love and joy you bring
for you i'll try to do the impossible things
i put that on everything

it's not so much the words, but the emotion with which
they're sung that gets to me. i don't know, it's an
extremely personal reaction. one would have to hear the
song to truly appreciate it. and even once they did, they
may never know how it makes me feel. in fact, they
probably wouldn't understand. it says all of the most
cliche things that every other love song said, but the
music, the melody, the way it's arranged... it's simply
genius. i cannot express it with words. it is a rare song
that makes me swell with emotion and wish that i was
somewhere else with someone special.

speaking of my special someone, he is sick as i write, and
there is nothing i can do about it. i hate feeling like
i'm no good, like i can't change things around me. i want
to be there to make him feel better, but alas, i have class
in the morning, and i have no transportation. it is a
dark, cold michigan night. 12 degress farenheit. i wish
he lived closer. or, that i lived with him. but that is
not in the stars. at least not right now. i am stuck here
on this campus for another year and a half, bound by the
limits of my scholarship.

all i can do is send my love, and hope that he can hear
me... the mind is a powerful thing and when at it's full
potential can do extraordinary things. if i will my
message to be sent, it will be received. we are two minds
on the same wavelenghth. we are so close to being the same
person it's crazy. almost like we were siamese twins
separated at birth. but then that would me we were
committing incest. and that, would not be pure at all, now
would it?

well, my brain hurts. i have to go.

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